Available Services

24/7 Field Service

We know that breakdowns can occur unexpectedly, which is why our service engineers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing technical support on very short notice. Our team is here for you when you need it, where you need it, whether onsite or via telephone.


We are experienced in a variety of applications and in many industries.

Facility Assessments

Take advantage of our first-rate assessment services. Have us evaluate your entire AC or DC operation or just part of it and discover how we can save you money, turning your operations' energy into one of its greatest assets.


When upgrades are your best option, our field service and application engineers can retrofit your new state-of-the-art equipment into existing cabinets or provide new sections to match the existing line.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is planned maintenance of plant and equipment designed to improve equipment life and avoid unplanned maintenance activity. Its purpose is to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation.


Neither equipment nor facilities should be allowed to go to the breaking point. In its simplest form, preventive maintenance can be compared to the service schedule for a variable frequency drive.


Preventative maintenance can exceed their life cycle years beyond warranty status; sometimes, decades without it, you risk irreparable damage that not even a warranty may help. Call us at (714) 256-4100. We can help you develop a comprehensive PM program.

Industrial Control Panels

Customer Enginnered panels to your specific design and engineering specifications.  We are an ETL certified panel shop.  Call us for details.

Expert Commissioning Services

Industrial Technical Services is an industry leader in AC and DC drive system start-ups and commissioning. Distributors and small business owners alike look to us time and time again for all their commissioning needs. For the best service at the best rates, look no further. We will couple our first-class commissioning service with personal training seminars facilitated by our most experienced technicians

Local Repairs

Industrial Technical Services offers various in-house repair services, including variable frequency drives and D.C. drive repair, at our repair facility.


Staffed with highly trained repair technicians, we are equipped with testing equipment to diagnose and repair drives successfully. For all of our customers, we offer a detailed quality assurance program consisting of failure analysis reports, photos, and a detailed report of your repair.


This program gives our customers the peace of mind that the repair was completed to the highest standards. Our qualified technicians dismantle, inspect and repair equipment from all horsepower drives. During the repair process, they follow a detailed repair specification that produces the highest quality and most reliable repair.


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