DeRagger II Multi - Award Winning Block Elimination

    The patented DeRagger II delivers measurable results in real-time Eliminating wastewater pump blockages & decreasing bottom line in energy savings that you can count on​

    "No more strain...caused by chopper pumps and macerators"- Graham McIvor-Clearwater Controls

    Customize with APP's

    • Wet well clean cycle
    • Auto Reset
    • ​Remote Reset
    • Odor control
    • Batch Pumping
    • Dry Run Protection
    • Pump Protection
    • Phase Loss
    • Undercurrent
    • Overcurrent
    • Frequency out of Range
    • Services

    Added Benefits

    • Improve electrical efficiency by up to 48%
    • Uses existing kiosks & control panels
    • No new construction works
    • Minimal interruption to ‘live’ sites
    • Typical payback in weeks
    • Reduces pollution incidents
    • Reduce operational callout costs
    • Anti-ragging pump protection device with custom built APP’s

    Extended support

    Industrial Technical Services provides on-site support for integration and commissioning requirements along with other services such as:

    • Product support with dedicated helpline
    • On-site Commissioning
    • PLC/SCADA Integration
    • Instrumentation, Installation and Calibration
    • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
    • Telemetry Integration
    • Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

    Addresses an Industry Wide Problem of Pump Blockages and High Energy Costs