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    We at ITS have determined to equip our customers with the most current innovative solutions to their most daunting most industry challenges. Relying on the positive flow of a dynamic, forward thinking team with a proclivity toward customer focused service and energy savings we have become one of the most sought after industry service partners


    Let’s face it, challenges are the one constant in your industry but with chiefly 3 decades of technical expertise in variable speed drive repair, commissioning, rebuilding and more, the ITS culture creates an unbreakable solution to all of your troubleshooting and breakdown challenges

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    Energy efficiency is at the heart of our business world view. We want to play a commanding part in diminishing your carbon footprint so you can reap the rewards of energy savings and rebates with a variety of innovative solutions. Let us take the mystery out of mastering your efficiency

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    Industrial Technical Services is your one stop shop for variable frequency drive sales, service and repair. ​We are dedicated to providing the highest level of technical support, product knowledge and customer service in a world where these things seem to be forgotten.

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    With a team consisting of over three-quarters of a century of combined experience in the controls industry, mastering variable frequency drive repair, training government employees and everything in-between; all along maintaining status as an authorized service center for major drive manufacturers.

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    Get to know the team that’s committed to your company’s success we are committed to a core set of values